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    Scully graduated from Windsor Connecticut High School in Olympic Trials Fayetteville, North Carolina. Olympic Trials tournaments. Scully also advanced to the championship round of the National Golden Gloves tournament on two occasions, losing on a 3—2 split decision in at Knoxville to Fabian Williams of Michigan and a highly disputed 3—2 call in Omaha into Keith Providence of New York City.

    Scully also notably scored two decision victories en route to each of those national final appearances in and over hard-punching future WBC 1 Middleweight contender Lamar "Kidfire" Parks of Greenville, South Carolina. The "Iceman" concluded his amateur career with a Bronze medal winning performance at the U.

    Olympic Trials final just one month earlier.

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    Scully turned professional with a final amateur record of 57—13 not including two junior olympic bouts at age 15 and two exhibition matches. Professional career[ edit ] Scully turned professional in and finished his career in with a 38—11 record 21 knockouts.

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    He fought for the International Boxing Federation world light heavyweight championship at Leipzig, Germany inlosing a round decision to unbeaten champion Henry Maske. Although ESPN commentators had the fight close, Nunn was awarded a unanimous win, including a curiously wide score on the card of judge Harold Gomes.

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    Scully also frequently served as a sparring partner for some of the biggest names in the sport, including the highly regarded world champions Henry Maske, Mike McCallum, Vinny PazienzaRoy Jones Jr. Professional boxing record[ edit ] 38 Wins 21 knockouts, 17 decisions11 Losses 1 weight drained technical knockout, 10 decisions [2] Result.