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The work depicts a rarely seen view of Paris in the nineteenth century. The vehicle is just one van in a fleet of vibrant trucks that have been delivering mail across the country in psychedelic style. But originally, the design was only supposed to go on a postage stamp. The creative director and graphic artist behind the design, Andrew Lewis, who lives in London, Ont. In this photo, taken in Novemberhe holds up one of his designs for Canada Post's Christmas collection.

Now, Lewis's design project for a limited-edition stamp to thank employees for their service during the pandemic is also travelling on the sides of a fleet of four-wheeled thank-you letters rolling across Canada.

The design, he said, is meant to inspire positivity and happiness in the people who see it. Lewis said the decorated vans were originally launched last fall, starting with about six vehicles. Now, he said there are around 40 vehicles on the road.

They're in every major Canadian city and have been getting attention on social media from employees and the public. While Lewis said he wanted his design to be light-hearted and bring smiles to peoples faces, he also thinks public art should convey a worthy message. Tech CEOs and conglomerates say retraining programs for workers, providing fiscal incentives to keep companies in Alberta and adjusting tax measures are major areas where the provincial government could make a huge difference for the industry.

They're hoping to see some of those steps in Thursday's budget. Alberta needs to be a competitive place to invest because, at the moment, other provinces are doing a better job to support their tech industries and investor interest," said Vince O'Gorman, the CEO of Vog App Developers.

One of the biggest problems facing tech growth in Alberta is talent "brain drain" to other places, like the United States. O'Gorman says those tax and investor incentives would enable companies to attract and retain the skilled workers needed to expand the industry here.

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Helcim, a Calgary-based company, wants to see an emphasis on training — and retraining — Albertans to work in tech. His CFO echoed that priority.

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Investing in training junior talent brings a huge productive output to our tech industry in Alberta, but that output is delayed during the onboarding and training of new recruits," Marjorie Junio-Read said. Success needs a boost The tech sector has been an outlier during the pandemic, with many companies seeing growth in revenues and staffing. Calgary and Edmonton both broke records for venture capital perte de poids en karnal in The tech sector has been a personal focus of his in the months since.

However, companies have warned policymakers that the success is precarious and won't be sustainable without the support of effective policy. The Council of Canadian Innovators has asked the province to consider four key pillars when developing perte de poids en karnal sector measures for this budget: Securing access to capital, markets, talent and building a strong framework to retain promising companies in Alberta. Companies in Alberta have stated that incubator and accelerator perte de poids en karnal, which have traditionally been used, often don't result in cash getting to smaller enterprises.

While each expressed gratitude for the increased spotlight from the government on their industry, the companies said the dollars could be used more efficiently.

Accidental damage to the private sector Sometimes the provincial government's efforts actually cause damage, according to the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories. So it's basically perte de poids en karnal case of waste and duplication as well as unfair competition," said Tony Araujo, president of the council.

The council is calling on the government to privatize InnoTech in this budget.

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Araujo says the 90 labs he represents in Alberta don't want tax cuts or investor incentives, they just want the government to stop competing against them for contracts.

All of the companies and organizations are keeping a wary eye on talent and innovation slowly draining from Alberta into other provinces and the U. They say that will be the biggest consequence of not having adequate incentives and programs introduced soon.

As the NSE did not swiftly update whether, and when, it would reopen, brokers began closing intra-day equity positions on another exchange later, leading to sharp losses for some investors.

The suspect, identified only as Jens F. As a result of that, he had access to PDF files with floor plans of the properties involved. The Bundestag is based in the Reichstag building, a Berlin landmark, but also uses several other sites. They didn't specify how his activities came to light.

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The charges against the suspect, who is not in custody, were filed at a Berlin court on Feb. The court will have to decide whether to go ahead with a trial. Relations between Germany and Russia have been buffeted by a growing list of issues in recent years.

In October, the European Union imposed sanctions on two Russian officials and part of the GRU agency over a cyberattack against the German parliament in And last year's poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was flown to Germany for treatment and then arrested immediately after he returned to Russia, has added another layer of tensions.

The biannual magazine published by the Ryerson School of Journalism will place brackets in front of its name, going by the Review of Journalism, the Review, or the RJ until the end of the winter semester.

The perte de poids en karnal comes after the school of journalism announced in December it would review the names of its perte de poids en karnal student publications -- the Review and the Ryersonian -- given their namesake's legacy.

Egerton Ryerson was an architect of Canada's residential school system, which sought to convert and assimilate Indigenous children into Canadian culture and saw them suffer widespread physical and sexual abuse. Ryerson University is also examining its relationship with its namesake, with the school's head creating a task force that will "recommend actions to reconcile the legacy of Egerton Ryerson. One of the central tenets of our mission is to 'foster critical thinking about, and accountability within, the industry,'" the masthead said in a written statement.

Questions surrounding the university's relationship to its namesake are far from new. Inthe school published a statement saying that while Ryerson did not implement or oversee residential schools, his beliefs "influenced, in part, the establishment of what became the Indian Residential School system.

It reads, in part, "As Chief Superintendent of Education, Ryerson's recommendations were instrumental in the design and implementation of the Indian Residential School System.

In July, the school's utilisé pour perdre du poids of Ryerson and a monument to John A. Macdonald at the provincial legislature were both splashed with pink paint.

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There have also been calls to rename Dundas Street -- which happens to be the southern border of Ryerson University's campus -- because its namesake, Henry Dundas, delayed the abolition of slavery in Britain by 15 years. The City of Toronto is currently reviewing those calls. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb.

The man had just been held at gunpoint at his home on Gregg Court near the University of New Brunswick. The caller's voice trembled as he spoke to Shire in rapid sentences about what he and his roommates had just gone through.


Without hanging up, Shire rushed a co-worker out the door and asked him for a drive to Gregg Court. The newcomer was no longer there, but Shire got permission from police to collect some of his belongings.

When Shire found him, the man was in shock and alone in a hotel room, where police had taken him. Like many New Brunswick newcomers from African countries, this man had known that Shire, the president of the New Brunswick African Association, would be the person to call for help. The Gregg Court incident that Shire was called to last fall is the subject of a criminal case now before the courts.

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Ubuntu Shire is used to getting phone calls late at night or in the middle of a work day that require him to drop what he's doing and, since he has no car, pay for a cab or ask a friend for a ride to where he's needed. And Shire does so willingly every time. When he left a Kenyan refugee camp for Canada inhe carried a small bag of possessions and a big lesson. It came from his grandparents when he was growing up in the camp: helping others always comes first.

Almost every day, Shire would see his grandparents bring orphaned kids to their shelter at the camp to eat. In Africa, he said, this philosophy of kindness is called ubuntu. It is our way of life. Sometimes, the people who call him are victims of racist attacks who need him to be their interpreter with police or to follow up with reported incidents.

Other times, they need Shire to translate documents to English from Swahili or Somali or accompany them to apartment viewings and school appointments.

Every so often, the calls and emails come from a much greater distance, from Africans who want to know more about the quality of life in New Brunswick before they emigrate.

That is ubuntu. Its headquarters are a tiny office in the Fredericton Intercultural Center with red tile floors, a desk, an old couch and colourful posters about the group tucked in a corner. The African Association is made up of nine volunteers, who organize anti-racism programs, soccer games and community food distribution and who help immigrants from African countries find housing and jobs.

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Today, the association helps about immigrants across the province. Shire works nights and weekends trying to help answer the needs of immigrants from African countries. Once a year, the group receives a grant from the government to pay for a two-day event called AfroFest, which is hosted in different New Brunswick cities each year.

People throughout Canada come together during the event with dance, music, food and workshops on African culture. The group holds community fundraisers to help pay for its work.

But this year, Shire will apply for government funding and try to expand the work done by the association. He can see ways to put the money to use. For instance, he would like to set up a scholarship fund to help African youth going to college or university. Fatuma Ali, the group's vice-president, works closely with Shire. She is from Kenya and moved to Fredericton with her son and daughter in Thomas University, where she's studying sociology and gender studies.

Every week, she drives Somali women in Fredericton, some of whom are single mothers, to their medical appointments and shopping and gives them lessons on personal hygiene.

Hands-on work According to Shire, Fredericton, Saint John and Moncton are the New Brunswick cities with the highest number of African immigrants, with the latter topping the list because many newcomers speak French.

The community, tight-knit as it is, also shares stories of racist attacks when they hear of one near them.

And these stories are always shared with Shire. Owan Ahuka and his family have had support from Shire for eight years.


In the last year, Shire has met some people from African countries who have been victims of attacks in Fredericton. For example, the man who was held at gunpoint in a Fredericton house by a white man. Someone has been charged in the case, which is still before the courts, but for weeks this man and the bons moyens rapides de perdre la graisse du ventre victims were afraid to leave their home, even though they were moved to a new house in the city.

The anxiety is there, the depression is there. Volunteers with the New Brunswick African Association prepare and sort the food that they will then distribute to the African community in Fredericton.

Shire is also familiar with the attacks against immigrants on Doone Street, a public housing neighbourhood in Fredericton's north side. Owan Ahuka's family lives in Wilson Row, a cul de sac off Doone Street, and was victim of attacks by neighbours.

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Cabbing in the middle of the night to homes where cars have been slashed. Rushing to the hospital to tend to people with wounds. Getting calls related to standoffs. Translating depressing accounts of situations from Somali to English, back and forth, over and over again. But Shire is not afraid, and he's definitely not exhausted.

Last year, one of the Black History Month activities organized by the association was to bake mandazis, which are fried dough desserts similar to doughnuts.

They originated in the coastal region of Kenya and Tanzania. Shire loves New Brunswick, and he wants members of his community to feel the same way. Moving to a bigger city won't make any difference. You can experience these issues anywhere you go.

We must lead this conversation, but we won't be able to without support. Two kilos of flour, some oil. Living in a camp is a lot of waiting without knowing what will happen next, he said.

But now, Shire spends his days planning for the future — with people he met on his arrival in Canada and who have become family, but also, and for those still trying to leave refugee camps. You can read more stories here.