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To drive the point home, he began using the Nitro theme as his ring entrance music. To explain his departure, Nitro lost a match on the June 7 episode of Raw against Eugenewhich carried the stipulation that upon his loss, he also lost his job.

Par les rédacteurs de Wonderwall. Je ne veux vraiment pas le faire et je ne veux pas que les gens confondent de quoi je parle. Elle semblait vraiment confiante. Ça fait du bien.

During the course of the feud, Melina was snooki perte de poids 98 livres into the company as Nitro's ex-girlfriend and an ally of Cappotelli, only to turn on him and side with Nitro. However, MNM would be unsuccessful in winning the championship.

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Morrison competed in the Royal Rumble match on January 27, but failed to win after being eliminated by Kane. Morrison and Miz co-wrote each episode of The Dirt Sheet each week, and Morrison credits his time in college studying film with contributing to the success of the show.

  1. Ce gimmick déplait au public et la WWE décide de l'abandonner après la mort d' Eddie Guerrero en novembre [5].
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Despite being unsuccessful, Morrison had a standout performance in the match, in which he performed a moonsault from the top rope to the outside of the ring while holding onto a ladder. Neither Morrison nor Miz were pinned, as Hawkins pinned Jesse to win the titles. Their feud culminated in a tag team lumberjack match where both titles were on the line at the WrestleMania XXVbut it was The Colóns who would unify the championships with a win.

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On the May 7 episode of Superstars, Morrison lost a match to Jericho after a distraction by Benjamin. On the June 19 episode of SmackDown, Morrison lost a critically acclaimed match against Edgein which the commentators described it as a "third main event".

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The feud between Morrison and Ziggler continued throughout the next month, with the two wrestling to a double countout for the Intercontinental Championship on the November 13 episode of SmackDown and Morrison retaining the championship in a two-out-of-three falls match the following week to end the feud. Champion match.

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He received his rematch on the January 1 episode of SmackDown, but was disqualified when McIntyre shoved him into the referee. Within the following weeks, Morrison continued to save Marella from attacks by Sheamus.

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At Survivor SeriesMorrison defeated Sheamus. Morrison lost to Sheamus in the final round. Truth accepted, and lost the match, making Morrison the new number one contender.

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Morrison then challenged Ziggler for the championship at Survivor Seriesbut was defeated by Ziggler. This was used to write Morrison off television, even being stretchered out of the arena after the match.

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He was the second luchador to enter the ring, but was the last man eliminated by Prince Puma who won the Championship. King Cuerno attacked Mundo on the February 4 episode, beginning a feud between them; the second installment took place on the episode which aired March 11, where Mundo and Cuerno wrestled in a Steel Cage match, which was won by Mundo. On May 13, Mundo turned into a villain when he attacked Alberto El Patrón in his match against Hernandezthrowing him through the window of Dario Cueto's office.

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Mundo subsequently tossed El Patrón back into the ring, giving Hernandez the win. As Mundo revealed himself as Fénix's replacement for their match, Black and Evans allied with the two.

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Wagner Jr. A few weeks later, Vampiro addressed to the live crowd that Forster was stripped of the title due to not appearing to defend her title, despite not being scheduled to appear.