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Early career[ edit ] Born in Jonesboro, Georgiahe made his professional wrestling debut in at age Spending the next several years competing in various Southeastern regional promotions, he gained considerable experience while in Championship Wrestling from Florida and Georgia Championship Wrestling during the early s.

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Inhe would lose to Swede Karlson on May 17, Losing to them in a rematch in Atlanta on May 27, he also faced Jack Vansky in tri state perte de poids cheyenne wy rematch on June 4 as well as defeated Pancho Rosario and Wildman Wehba during the next week.

He would also briefly feud with The Golden Terror before leaving the area in early August.

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He later regained the tag team titles teaming with Stan Pulaski to defeat Tarzan Tyler and The Viking in a tournament final for the tag team titles on September Joseph, Missouri on November 7. Holding the titles for less than two weeks, they would lose the titles to K. Joseph on November 28, He held the title for over four months before losing the title to Roger Kirby on April 3, Joseph the following night, he made a brief appearance in Stampede Wrestling facing Sailor White on February 15 [5] before returning to Kansas City to defeat Yasu Fuji and Chati Yokochi for the titles on March 9 before losing the titles back to Fuji and Yokochi in Wichita, Kansas two days later.

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Joseph City Auditoriumhe would reunite with The Viking in the semi-main event to challenge Fuji and Yokochi for the tag team titles; however, the two began fighting with each other as the match started and were counted out.

As the end of the match, as Danny Little Bear was about to pass out from a nervehold submission hold applied by Yasu Fuji, local and state police had to restrain several fans from entering the ring.

Following the match, Campbell and his manager Percival A. Friend had to leave the arena under a police escort as fights started breaking out in the crowd. Joseph, Missouri resulted in a small riot that occurred when two fans attacked Campbell's manager Percival A.

Friend breaking his nose and attempting to enter the ring on behalf of Danny Little Bear.

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However, police having been assigned to the auditorium, the fans were stopped before they could get to Campbell although promoter Gust Karras chose not to pursue charges against them. Although Danny Little Bear took the first fall pinning Roger Kirby, he was pinned by Campbell while Kirby scored the third pinfall pinning Omar Atlas thanks in part to outside interference by Percival Friend.

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Joseph City Auditorium in St. Joseph, Missouri. The match would last almost an hour with each team gaining one fall before Howard, Sebastian and The Destroyer scored the final pinfall after Omar Atlas was pinned. Near the end of the match, several fans began storming the ring while Danny Little Bear faced The Destroyer.

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Police were able to prevent fans from entering the ring however and eventually arrested six fans before the crowd calmed down. Joseph on May 25,as well as several rematches in Des Moines the following month.

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Seki on September 25 and on October 2, Although defeating Mantel and Shults by disqualification on January 9, they were unable to win the titles back. He leaves behind a daughter, a son and wife.

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