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Timeline[ edit ] Governor Rick Snyder and his administration were widely blamed for the decisions that led to the crisis, with numerous people calling for his resignation. He left office on December 31, due to term limits.

Flint water crisis - Wikipedia

The following is a sequence of events related to the Flint water crisis. The city operates under a plan to use the Flint River as an emergency water source.

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November 29, - Three weeks after the city declared a state of financial emergencyGovernor Snyder appoints Michael Brown as the city's Emergency Managereffective December 1. April 16, — The city approves the Karegnondi Water Authority contract. April 17, - Detroit terminates its water service contract.

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This date is considered the start of the water crisis. The advisory is lifted on August A second warning is issued in September.

Flint water crisis

Residents bring bottles of discolored tap water to a community meeting. Emergency manager Jerry Ambrose overrules the vote.

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The switch is made the following day. Mayor Weaver appoints Michael C. November 10 — A federal judge orders the implementation of door-to-door delivery of bottled water to every home without a properly installed and maintained faucet filter.


The meeting is criticized as having violated Michigan's Opening Meetings Act. Marc Edwards states it is likely the last time such sampling coordinated by Virginia Tech will be necessary in Flint. High levels of lead and iron in Flint's water may have been responsible for the decreased amount of chlorine available.

One school's results show lead levels at ppb, six times the federal action level. Water distribution centers will close over the next few days, although water and replacement cartridges will still be available. Michigan planned to end the distribution since tests of Flint's water show low lead levels.

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The distribution continues until the supply runs out. April 7 — Hundreds of Flint residents flee to water bottle distribution centers to gather remaining free water bottles. Residents are still worried about drinking water from taps, since not all of the pipelines have been switched. The grant will be used to help people where there is a suspicion of lead being in their drinking water but government officials are not acting on it.

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This project is said to target Michigan and Louisiana initially, and then it will branch out to other areas. Water will be available to Flint residents at distribution centers throughout the city. This is projected to be achieved by The MDEQ also says it is ready to turn the testing program back over to the city.

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No kidding. January 2 — In her first act as governor, Whitmer signs an executive directive requiring state employees to immediately report to their department or agency director any threat to public health or safety, an action inspired by the decisions made by her predecessor's administration that led to the water crisis.

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Eight other people were also named in the indictment. Lead from the pipes can leach into the water, especially if certain contaminants are present. However, the water from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, where Flint had obtained its water sincehad been treated well enough that the leaching from the lead pipes was at levels considered acceptable by state and federal environmental protection agencies.

Children under age five, and especially infants and unborn children, bear the greatest risk of deleterious and irreversible health outcomes.

Acidic water makes it easier for the lead found in pipes, leaded solder, and brass faucets to dissolve and to enter a home's drinking water. Therefore, public water treatment systems are legally required to use control measures to make water less acidic.

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