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    Simplifying the problem to the barest elements, he models the human body as a "rubber bag," where variables such as food type, frequency, metabolic rates and even exercise are considered negligible.

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    According to Walker, the difference between calorie intake and expenditure is the key a calorie surplus leads to weight gain; a calorie deficit leads to weight loss.

    To solve the problem, one needs to monitor calorie intake and weight loss rate, and make the desired proportional adjustments to reach the desired goal.

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    While the diet is a fairly straightforward calorie -counting approach, data smoothing exponential moving averages in particular is considered a key element of the monitoring system. Walker presents techniques for Excel-aided or paper-and-pencil data smoothing to allow the dieter to adjust the diet for themselves using the long-term trend and to not be discouraged by short-term fluctuations based on water retention or other factors.

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    The diet also uses the trend line as a control system to allow the dieter early warning of relapse after the target weight is reached. As Walker states, "The vast majority of people who lose weight end up, in relatively short order, gaining back every pound they lost. Tools[ edit ] Walker uses Excel spreadsheets to log weight and produce charts, but provides a list of other software packages that may be used.